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Shor Cosmetics Anti Aging All-In-One Skincare Kit
  • Pelevita cosmetics are produced by the leading laboratory in Israel, which has been producing professional lines for more than 30 years for use by cosmetologists in Israel and around the world.
  • Аpproved for use by the Israeli Ministry of Health This cosmetics contains not one, but several active ingredients (list the complexes included in the composition), which makes it unique and highly effective in relation to other manufacturers.
  • This promotion is aimed at familiarizing with the product and therefore the price of $ 29.90, which is only $ 7.5 per product, will give an opportunity to test each product for a week and get the first results, which probes cannot give. Probes are very small in terms of volume and duration of use, which is very important.
  • The box contains the best creams that have been released by the laboratory for the entire time of its existence.
  • The entire line is sold only through Amazon, which gives all the advantages: delivery, payment protection
Price: 0 $ + SHIPPING 9.99 $
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